Butler up to bat

Commitment is one quality that every athlete needs to have. Olivia Butler has this quality in spades. She has been playing on the Westhill softball team since she was a freshman, and is now one of the captains for the team. Her hard work and commitment has landed her the female athlete of the month spot for this issue. The Westword sat down with her to talk about her history with the sport and favorite softball experiences.

The Westword (TW): How long have you been playing softball?
Olivia Butler (OB): I have been playing softball since I was seven. I played baseball originally in a boys league, but I wanted to gain more of a bond with my teammates so I switched to softball. Plus, it is more fast paced than baseball.
TW: Outside of school, do you play on any other softball teams?
OB: I did play on the Westhill coaches travel team during the summer and I have been playing on travel teams since I started softball, but this year I decided to take a break and have a free summer. One of my travel teams made it to the World Series in Florida.
TW: Do you have any routines or pre-game rituals?
OB: My dad and I have had a handshake since I was younger so I always do our handshake before I go out on the field. We also have a tribal dance that we do before every game where we make a beat and dance.
TW: What is your proudest athletic achievement?
OB: Placing Second Team FCIAC for second base.
TW: What is your favorite thing about playing softball?
OB: I get to spend time with my favorite girls on and off the field and softball just brings everyone closer.
TW: What has softball taught you in life?
OB: How to communicate with others and be a leader.
TW: What motivates you to continue playing softball?
OB: The feeling of winning and enjoying it with others, also learning how to put in effort and gain success full results.
TW: What do you like and dislike about playing softball?
OB: My favorite thing is getting into shape and working on the mechanics so you know what you are doing on the feild. My least favorite thing is probably running.
TW: Do you play or take interest in any other sport?
OB: I do like playing volleyball but I wanted to focus more on one sport this season.
TW: What do you think are your strengths in softball?
OB: I would say being able to play a lot of positions and being versatile. I am also good with hitting and not getting stressed in the box.
TW: What do you think you need to improve on?
OB: Adjusting to shortstop since I have been playing second for two years. I also want to work on my mental game.

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