Bobby bats his way to college

Bobby Zmarzlak is swinging for the fences this season. The junior committed to the University of Maryland earlier this year.

Bobby Zmarzlak has been playing baseball since age four. He is a hard working athlete with a passion for baseball. His parents love for baseball motivated him to start playing the sport. Zmarzlak leadership, and hard work on and off the field got him to be chosen to be a captain on this years baseball team. Zmarzlak is committed to the University of Maryland and will continue his athletic career playing Division I baseball to reach his future goals.

The Westword (TW): When did you first start playing baseball?
Bobby Zmarzlak (BZ): I started when I was four.
TW: Why did you begin playing Baseball?
BZ: I started playing baseball because my parents were big fans of baseball and I have been playing it ever since.
TW: How is the team’s line up going to be this year?
BZ: We will be good, we have good returning players along with good new players who will make a big impact.
TW: Who stands out to you on the team this year?
BZ: John Macdonald and Charles Olsen will be key players for us.
TW: What position do you play in baseball?
BZ: Center field.
TW: What is your favorite thing about baseball?
BZ: Rounding the bases after hitting a home run.
TW: What is your favorite baseball team?
BZ: Boston Red Sox.
TW: How does it feel to be committed to Maryland University?
BZ: It feels good to get the college process out of the way, and now I can focus on baseball.
TW: What is your favorite moment playing baseball?
BZ: My favorite baseball moment was committing to Maryland because it was something I was working hard for and a school I have always wanted to go to.
TW: What National baseball league player do you model yourself after?
BZ: George Springer.
TW: What is the most important game for you this year?
BZ : Staples, they ended our season dramatically last year and we need to get them back.

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