Westhill hosts Black History Month assembly

February 1 marked the beginning of Black History Month in 2018. To take part in this month’s recognitions and celebrations, Westhill organized an assembly during period four.

The presentation was called “The Right to Dream.” The presentation included a film consisting of black and white images from the Civil Rights era as well as an actor speaking in conjunction with the pictures and voices in the film. The actor, Brian Simmons of Living Voices,  plays the role of a character named Raymond Hollis. The Film follows Hollis’ journey growing up in this era in Mississippi. There were mentions of Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr. as the movement for equality progressed.

At the end of the film, Simmons took the opportunity to speak more about the importance of his performance and Black History Month.  “The civil rights movement is not over,” said Simmons. “If there is any group at any point being denied equality, it is not over.”

Westhill will be hosting more events to come in celebration of Black History Month.

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