OPINION: Why the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday

Photo by Charles LeClaire, USA TODAY Sports // The Eagles celebrate their victory over the Patriots.

Once a year, over 110 million people come together to watch the spectacle that is the Super Bowl. The celebration carries far into the night, and way into the early morning for many. So, why isn’t the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday?

Well, it should be a holiday. Maybe just for the simple reason that people are drained from a night of screaming and shouting. The Super Bowl does not start until 6:30 and the final whistle does not typically sound until around 10:00PM. The Super Bowl is an event where people are interacting, celebrating, and using up an extreme amount of energy that can only come back with sleep. Personally, I go to bed very late on the day the super bowl, and the aspect of cleaning up after, saying your goodbyes, and driving home can make that 10:00 end time feel closer to midnight.

High school students do not get enough sleep as it is, so when students earliest opportunity to go to sleep is around 12AM, it can be a recipe for disaster. The image of a student dragging their book bag into class with the biggest cup of coffee is not an unknown sight to Westhill. Imagine 110 million people coming into work the next morning, with low productivity levels throughout the day. Many people have trouble doing anything but sleep in every class and talking about the game.

One of the best things about the Super Bowl is being able to have a great conversation the next day about everything that happened, from flashy touchdowns to the halftime show. The conversations go on for hours and hours, this makes getting anything done difficult. Watching the game is always a good time even if your favorite team is not in the game.

I love the Super Bowl and everything about it. Who doesn’t enjoy being surrounded around a television with your closest friends? Coming together to enjoy each others company and to have fun sounds like a holiday to me, so why penalize people for enjoying themselves? The Monday after the Super Bowl should be a Holiday, it would be best for everyone.

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