Vikings, Knights to play on Thanksgiving 

Westhill and Stamford High will play this Thursday at 10:30 in the morning.

The day is approaching. While families are preparing their Thanksgiving meals, Westhill athletes, students, and coaches are getting ready for what is projected to be the biggest game of the year. Westhill High School will take on Stamford High in the last football game of the 2017 season. The vikings enter the match a respectable 6-3, while the Knights are 3-6.

The game will be played Thursday morning at 10:30am at Westhill.  It is projected to be 42 degrees and sunny at kickoff. “If we’re cold, they’ll be colder” said senior Jack Williamson. “After last week at Wilton, we’ve experienced what it’s like playing in the cold,” he continued.

“They’re going to be very aggressive and come out on different fronts.” -Dan Brennan (Outside Linebacker)

In their last game, Westhill fell to Wilton 57-6. Warriors quarterback Harvey Alexander had 209 yards and the team had 6 touchdowns. Saquan Kelly of the vikings ran 11 yards for the lone Westhill touchdown. In Stamford High’s last game, they allowed the Staples defense to score four times in the second quarter. They lost 42-0 in an absolute beating at Boyle Stadium.

“In Westhill’s best games this year, they limited the mistakes. The Vikings have multiple weapons on offense and the offense is at its best when they all get to touch the ball,” said sports writer Scott Ericson. “They are bigger, stronger and more experienced than Stamford there and if they control play up front, they should do OK,” Ericson continued.

“This has been the best Westhill season I’ve witnessed, The team bought in to the training program and seems to all be working towards the same goals,” Ericson added when asked about the success Westhill has had this season.“ The hope is that younger players see what this senior class has accomplished and dedicate themselves to working even harder so seasons like this become normal at Westhill and not an anomaly.”

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