Westhill girls volleyball takes on FCIAC

Gabbie Veseli involved in a volley against Stamford High // Photo by Sydnie Lesser.

This year, the girls volleyball team is having an exceptional season with a record of 13 wins and 5 loses. Prior to the pre-season, the girls volleyball team got together to play during the summer to have extra time practicing and getting their hands on the ball. In the beginning of the season they were all individual players. Now, they are one team and have really bonded and learned how to connect on the court. They have a freshman setter (Vana Servos) and many Sophomores (Sophia Thagorus, Betsy Sachs and Santana Nayak) who have improved so much from the beginning of the season. The key? Great communication and team bonding on and off the court.

“I couldn’t be more proud of how far we have come from previous seasons. We fight hard for each game we play and have already made states and are hopefully moving towards making FCIAC. I am so happy to be captain this year because our team is so amazing” said junior captain Nina Bakuradze. “It feels great to be able to set an example and be considered a leader for the younger girls,” Bakuradze continued. The team won big against Trinity Catholic, and just recently defeated Stamford High 3-2. As a team, they pick each other up if they make mistakes and make sure everyone gives it their all. It was one of their first FCIAC wins and they were all overjoyed because they saw the potential in the team.

“We know that these past couple of losses had been undeserved because we can perform better than we have. We’ve been working very hard in practices, targeting little aspects that have a big effect on our overall outcome” said junior Nikola Newcomer. “I feel good about these upcoming games because we all want to start winning.”

The girls end the regular season on October 27th with a game against New Canaan.

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