Tennis courts receive face-lift

The reconstruction of the courts are underway // Photo by Maria Mirafuentes.

After 12 long years, Westhill has finally been able to remodel the tennis courts. This remodel will help out immensely since the tennis courts are extremely outdated. The tennis teams complained about how dangerous it was to play on the courts, with them becoming slippery and the floor cracking.

On some days, it would rain so much that they would be unable to play due to the horrendous conditions. Students would constantly ask for a change, and nothing was done. Ultimately, at the end of last year, Morgan Magrath, a former Westhill student, started attending meetings with the mayor and the superintendent. She would lobby for the renovation of the courts, which helped big time. Along with attending meetings, money for the court came from fundraising and petitioning for change.

“Putting a band-aid over it for years got to the point where it just wasn’t safe anymore” said former athletic director Larry Savo. “Now, we’re starting from scratch“ he continued.

Not only did the parents of the athletes think it was unsafe, but the athletes themselves thought something had to be done. Several players were thrilled to hear the news of the renovation. “That’s huge! We needed that for so long!” said junior Rishi Jaaswal.

Having new courts will have a major impact this season – players will not have to worry about slipping or falling. They can just go out there, and give it their all. The tennis courts are due to be done before the season starts this spring.

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