Macron defeats Le Pen in French elections

Photo Courtesy of Julien Mattia, NurPhoto // Macron won the French election after a controversial campaign between him and Marine Le Pen.

On April 23rd and May 1st of 2017, the French presidential election occurred and one candidate was nominated as the President. It turns out that Emmanuel Macron was the official elect and he is named to be France’s youngest head of state since Napoleon. Macron won after beating his right rival Marine Le Pen in a result which will have far-reaching consequences for Brexit and Europe.

The projections gave the 39 year old Emmanuel Macron almost two-thirds of the vote, which made a clear path for the Elysee Palace for the pro-EU centrist who was politically unknown until about three years ago and he has never held elected office. While Macron was addressing the nation, he instantly pointed out the Marine Le Pen supporters who said he felt and heard the many feelings of anger, anxiety, and doubts.

Even though Macron will now have to face the Brexit and Europe head on, he did not shy away from it and expressed how he will always defend Europe and that he will surely work on improving the ties between Europe and it’s citizens. Later on, the President continued to explain how France was facing an immense task to rebuild European unity, fix the economy, and ensure security against major threats made.

President Macron is also expected to deliver a big bargain over Brexit, which will result in striking a grating note during the majority of his campaign by warning that negotiations between all the European countries involved in Brexit would certainly be no walk in the park and that Britain would be left a subjection as a result of leaving the EU. Many conservatives argued that Macron would need major stability in Europe before the Brexit negotiations.

At the end of the election, many European leaders rushed out to welcome Mr. Macron and his victory of winning France’s presidential election when he had been seen showing flags of the EU at rallies throughout the entirety of his campaign. The President has also promised that he will lead a “rebirth” of the European project once and for all.

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