Westhill women in technology

Photo Courtesy of ncwit.org // Women are making a change in the community.

Each year, the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) recognizes young women in high school for accomplishments in computing. These young women may be recognized on a national or affiliate level. The award honors high school students who demonstrate an active interest in computing and technology. The awarded individuals are selected based on their academic history, as well as their leadership ability in the field of computing.

This year, two students from Westhill, Reshmi Ranjith (’18) and Rachel Lese (’17), were honored with the Connecticut Affiliate Award. “By chance, I took a half year course of intro to computer science. Since then, it has been the class I look forward to every day, and what I want to study in college, and this award is helping me move forward in that path,” said Lese, as she reflected on her interest in technology.

This honor connects young women to a network of peers and members of the NCWIT, giving students such as Lese and Ranjith access to a variety of scholarships, internships, and professional work. It provides interested female students across the nation with the means to succeed in the world of technology, extending from their schooling, to their career and beyond.

The Aspirations in Computing campaign is well established nationally. It is supported by such institutions as Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, and Bank of America. The campaign also serves 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and U.S. military bases located overseas. The campaign is sponsored by the NCWIT, a non-profit establishment intended to increase the participation of women in the computing field. In order to promote their goal, the NCWIT has established a wide network of members to enact change to bring a wider percentage of women, no matter their race or ethnic background, into the field of technology.

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