Monthly music review: Miscellaneous Indie/Rock

Jackie and Wilson – Hozier

As Andrew Hozier – Byrne released his debut album Hozier, he wrote this song as a tribute to the well known R&B singer Jackie Wilson. Hozier’s voice makes for a playful song about the beginnings of a new relationship.

Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn

The catchy lyrics of this song represent the standards and expectations of society, and the art of venturing away from them. As the singer’s mentor (maybe a parent) preaches common paths of life, the character thinks of ways to break away from this and make something significant out of his life in a new way.

Hold On – Alabama Shakes

The R&B inspired rock band released its song “Hold On” along with the rest of their album Boys and Girls in 2015. The song serves as advice to young people growing up during a tough time, that times will improve as they grow older and gain life experience.

Sweet Sun – Milky Chance

“Sweet Sun” is in the second half of the “Sadnecessary” album which released in 2014, as the protagonist has experienced a heartbreak and is beginning to come out of his deep slump.

Past Lives – Børns

Following the release of the hit “Electric Love,” Børns dropped the remainder of their album Dopamine. “Past Lives” speaks of the character disregarding experiences from his past in order to shape a new life.

Coming of Age – Foster the People

This song was released as a single in 2014, prior to the release of Supermodel. As the protagonist feels bored of playing this game of love and continually getting hurt, marking a new beginning in his life.

Gold Rays – Vinyl Pinups

On several occasions, the lyric “you put the smile on my face like the sunshine” is said to represent the happiness often associated with spring and the sunshine.


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