Hugh Jackman is brilliant in “Logan”

Logan” is a classic superhero movie and the perfect way for Hugh Jackman to finish his tenure playing Logan, as he announced this would be his last movie in the role. Jackman doesn’t disappoint, delivering a passionate and proper rendering of the Wolverine for the period the movie is set in. Jack Malkewitz reflected on Hugh Jackman’s time as the Wolverine saying, “He’s done a great job with the role. He’s delivered movie after movie and it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the part. Hugh Jackman will forever be synonymous with the Wolverine.” The movie takes place in 2029, 25 years after the X-Men have been disbanded, and Logan is a troubled alcoholic, living in Texas near the border as a chauffeur, and taking care of Professor X. Logan is washed up and is trying to move on from his powers, attempting to rip out his claws numerous times, but ultimately keep growing back. Then comes his motive and purpose; a pharmaceutical company creating children soldiers by breeding them with mutant DNA. Logan gets drawn into helping a girl named Laura, an escapee from the company, get to the youth mutant headquarters in North Dakota.

Laura, played by Dafne Keen, is predominantly a spanish speaker, yet she still manages to match Logan’s passion, ferocity, and uniqueness, which makes sense because she contains Logan’s DNA and has his powers. She is heroic, at times dominating the spotlight with her high-flying claw kicks and violent slashes. Kevin Spichiger said, “My favorite scene is when the viewer is first introduced to Laura and she takes on the company’s army. She is so small, yet fearlessly fought and clawed over 50 soldiers, escaping from them.” The two, along with Professor X, flee the company’s cyborg army and race to find the safe haven before their perpetrators do. The movie is R-rated, which allows for the director, James Mangold, to include vivid blood, action, and cursing, which makes it more authentic and entertaining for the viewers. The special effects and pyrotechnics are state-of-the-art and contribute effectively to the piece.

“Logan” is a great combination of modern and classic. There are typical themes and scenes of comic movies, but it does manage to stray away from the normal “superhero movie” said senior Matt Greco. “I think it was a great superhero movie, but could also be considered a great film in general.  It had elements that you just don’t find in your typical Iron Man movie.” “Logan” is a heavy and emotional movie, but still manages to be uplifting and offer hope for the future. All around it was an awesome movie and a wonderful way for Jackman to conclude his role playing The Wolverine and Logan.

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