DIY: Fun phone cases

Courtesy of Spark & Chemistry // Example of DIY chalkboard phone case.

This DIY is a great way to spice up a plain, clear phone case. You can write yourself messages, decorate, and redecorate it whenever you want. You’ll need: • (To make a trip to your local craft store) • A clear case for your phone • A “decoupage medium.” (This sounds fancy, but it just means Mod Podge). • Paintbrushes • Chalkboard paint • Some type of chalk • Scissors, painters or masking tape, and a pen • Finally, pick out a decorative scrapbook paper • Nail Polish (This is an optional material. If you use it, you can pick whatever color you’d like. Here are the steps.

• First, place the back of your case on the paper. Trace the outline with a pen. • Now cut it out. It will be going inside of your case, so don’t forget to make it slightly smaller than the case. Make sure to cut out the camera opening. • Cover the printed side of the paper in a thin layer of mod podge, then carefully smooth it against the inside of the case. The print should show through the back of the case. • Place a strip of tape just above the area of the case that will be the chalkboard. •

Next, paint this area of the case. The tape will ensure that the edge of the chalkboard is a straight line, so it’s ok to get some paint on the tape. • Once the paint dries, you can carefully remove the tape. • If you wish, you can paint a thin strip of nail polish at the border. This can help to seal it, but it isn’t necessary. • Now you’re ready to write! Now you have a brand new phone case to personalize however you want. Erase it with a baby wipe and a dry cloth, and start again anytime.

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