Reversal of the Transgender Bathroom Bill

On February 22nd, United States president Donald Trump passed a bill that repealed the federal protections for transgender students put into place by the Obama administration. It is known that the President’s view has always been to put this decision on the states. While this bill doesn’t directly change schools existing policies it gives the option to make transgender students use the bathroom that correlates to the gender assigned at birth. This major repeal shows that officials at the highest level in the government have are not worried about the wellbeing of transgender students throughout the country. States such as Texas, South Carolina, Missouri and Kentucky already have these “Bathroom Bills” in the works. These state that bathrooms and locker rooms alike are only the be used by male and female students only and that this standard only correlates the chromosomes and sex assigned at birth. For example, states such as Connecticut have already passed an executive order which gives students the right to use which ever bathroom and locker room that correlates with the gender they identity with at that time. Daniel Malloy governor of Connecticut stated “Discrimination, harassment, and bullying have no place in our classrooms or at our schools. Despite the actions taken by the federal government yesterday, the State of Connecticut remains committed to ensuring that every student has access to a high-quality education in a safe, supportive and welcoming school environment. Every child, no matter their gender identity or expression, should be treated equally and fairly in a safe, supportive environment. Connecticut will remain a state of inclusiveness because we strongly believe that diversity makes us stronger.”

The motion of making a safe and healthy environment for all students including ones who identify as a different gender than assigned at birth or no gender makes a stronger community and will limit the exclusiveness that these students may feel. At Westhill we have already taken the initiative to make our community open for everyone regardless of gender identity. Our gender-neutral bathrooms located across from the Raynor Café provide a safe space whether you are of the transgender community or not. The way we accept and value each other and our differences in turn will provide a better space for not only Westhill but schools across the nation.

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