Steps for the perfect college visit

Photo courtesy of // College visits can be stressful, but it is important not to lose sight of why you are there.

The college decision process is a long and often overwhelming one, but there are definitely tips and tricks to help make it easier. One way to narrow down a list of potential colleges is by visiting them, but college visits themselves can be stressful if not approached correctly. From someone who has gone on numerous college visits and found a school that feels like a perfect fit, here is some advice:


  1. Before visiting a school do some research on it. If you know you what size school you want, visit schools that fall into that category. Only visit schools that you would want to go to geographically; if you want a school with certain weather or very close to home, plan accordingly.
  2. Go on an official tour of the school. College tours can be long and sometimes boring, but they will give you a better understanding of what the school is really like. Ask the tour guide lots of questions and really try to visualize yourself spending 2-4 years on that campus.
  3. Reach out to someone who goes there and ask any unanswered questions. Even if you don’t know them well, everyone loves to talk about their college and would be happy to help a prospective student. It’s so important that you don’t leave the school unsure of anything because that could lead you to making the wrong decision.
  4. Talk to your guidance counselor. Make sure that the schools you’re interested in are targets. It’s okay to have safeties and reaches but it’s important to know your chances of getting in before you apply.
  5. Don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed. This can be such a scary process but also such a rewarding one. Try to imagine yourself spending your college years at a certain school, and ultimately pick whichever one makes YOU happiest.

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