One day without student immigrants protest

Photo Credit: Nelson Oliveira, Hearst Connecticut Media // The event will be held at the Stamford Government Center at 3PM.

On Friday March 3rd, a protest against the actions taken by the federal government about immigrants and a defense of the immigrant community in Stamford will be held at the government center. Westhill’s own Michael Hernandez (12) is in charge of the protest that will show both the importance of the immigrant community in Stamford as well as demonstrating to students that they can all stand together.

During Friday’s protest students along with Stamford’s mayor, David Martin, will be speaking specifically about student immigrants in America in addition to sharing their experiences as student immigrants. The purpose of this protest is to defend the immigrants of not only Stamford but all over the United States.

“The goal of the protest is basically to unite all immigrants and supporters.” said Naomi Julca (’18). The protest is important to her because, “immigrants make America…they help raise our economy not bring it down.”  This inclusive rally will support student immigrants and band them together to have their cause heard.

Michael Hernandez, head of this rally says, “Many of the students are under 18 or not U.S. citizens which means that the only way they can participate politically is by protesting, so we want to be politically involved and this is our only resort. It also shows how important the immigrant students are in the community.”  He believes the protest will be effective in the hopes that “the board of education as well as the government will realize we are a substantial part of not just the school but the city, that really we bring a lot of energy and a lot of different things to the city.”

Whether or not one believes in their cause, this is certainly a group of voices worth hearing. The students of Stamford have come together to create an event involving active citizens that are pushing for a more inclusive environment.

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