Westhill students walkout to protest Betsy DeVos

Photo Courtesy of Nelson Oliveira - Hearst Connecticut Media // Sam Hamilton addresses the crowd during the Betsy DeVos walkout.

The controversial Secretary of Education has drawn lots of criticism from students and faculty about her experience and future plans for the nations schools. Students not only at Westhill, but at Stamford High as well held a rally to protest the Michigan billionaire. Students gave passionate speeches after hundreds of students flocked to the soccer field during connection time. “This is not the kind of thing that should go unnoticed, and we want to make sure that, at least in Westhill, it does not” said Marcos Pinto-leite (’18).

“I came to be part of the movement and show support to my fellow classmates that we are against having an inexperienced and unqualified Secretary of Education” said Tahmida Ahmed (’18). “I love my public schools and believe that we can protect ourselves from grizzly bears.”

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