Plan B Burger Restaurant Review

Photo Credit: // Plan B Burger Bar in Stamford draws lots of people in for their delicious food.
 The perfect burger can be hard to find, however, Plan B burger does not fail to impress. Plan B, located in downtown stamford, connected to the mall, is a very popular burger joint. Not only is the food delicious, but it is also the perfect central location. After doing some shopping in the mall, it is very convenient to walk a few doors over and dine at Plan B. The restaurant has a very rustic yet modern feel. The splotchy brick wall and dim lighting gives a very warm feeling to the restaurant. The menu has a wide variety of burger specialties, salads, appetizers, and other main courses such as chicken tenders, meatloaf, and shepherd’s pie.
I definitely enjoyed my experience at Plan B. For an appetizer, I had crispy onion rings. The onions were cut about 1 inch thick, and they were perfectly crispy. The onion rings were highly salted, but it went perfectly when dipped in cool ranch. For my main course, I had the Tavern Classic, which was a burger on fresh lettuce with Plan B’s signature “special sauce.” I ordered my Tavern Classic with swiss cheese, which perfectly absorbed the special sauce. The burger was perfect: not too pink, yet still flavorful and juicy. To go with my decadent burger, I ordered a side of parmesan fries. The fries were out of this world. The fries were typical cut fries, except they were sprinkled with parmesan cheese. It was just the right amount of flavor, but not too overwhelming with the rest of my meal.

In terms of price, Plan B was reasonable. My main dish came out to be $12.00 and the appetizer was $7.00. However, I think the price was worth it for the quality of the food, the experience of eating in the restaurant, and the fact that it was so easy to get to, being right next to the mall. Overall, I would definitely suggest this burger joint especially if you are in downtown stamford anyways.

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