Q&A with Gleidy Gonzales, a new Westhill student

Photo Courtesy of Jason Rearick // Cleidy has only been in Stamford for a few months, but is adjusting nicely.

This issue, The Westword sat down with Gleidy Gonzales from Mr. Sandoval’s 7th Period Bilingual US History class. She got to tell us her experience about coming to a new school and new country.

The Westword: When did you come to the US and why?

Gleidy Gonzales: I came to the US in 2015 from Honduras. I didn’t really want to, but my mom forced me to come. I was nervous because I really didn’t know what it would be like; I lived with my grandma in Honduras. I hadn’t seen my mom in 13 years.

TW: How does school compare in US from Honduras?

G: In Honduras they let us do whatever we want, there are a lot of bad people. For example, teachers knew kids had drugs, and would not do anything about it. Kids would sell drugs in the hallway and it would not be reported or anything.

TW: What do you miss most about Honduras?

G: I miss my grandmother. I love her more than anything else.

TW: What is your favorite class?

G: I like english a lot but I need a lot of practice. I can understand it, but I get really nervous when I speak it.

TW: What do you plan to do after high school?

G: I don’t really know but I want to keep studying, my mom doesn’t really support me much. So I would need to work in order to study.

TW: Who do you live with?

G: Right now I rent my own room alone near exit 9, I used to live with my mom and step dad but they kicked me out because they did not approve of my relationship with my ex-boyfriend.

TW:Do you feel you are treated differently because you are an ESL student?

G: No, everyone here is the same, everyone is equal.

TW: Do you like Westhill?

G: I like it a lot, I like learning different things and when I’m in school I escape reality and all the problems I face outside of school.

TW:How do you like Stamford?

G: To be honest I don’t really like Stamford because this is where all my problems started. But, one day, I would like to move to another state, somewhere different from here.

TW: Would you ever go back to Honduras?

G: No. In Honduras, there are a lot of gangs who would try to recruit me and get me to do bad things. I’m not interested in that, I like to learn.

TW: Do you do anything after school at Westhill?

G: I would love to play soccer for Westhill but unfortunately, I work until 10:30 every night to support myself, then I go home and do my homework. I have all A’s and B’s except in Mr. Sandoval’s class.

TW: What is your favorite memory in the US?

G: I’m not really sure because so much has happened. Meeting my mom after 13 years was a really great highlight.

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