Why Bees Need to be Saved and Preserved

Photo courtesy of Steve Burt/Flickr // Bees are a huge factor in our environment.

The relationship between bees and humans is well portrayed in the DreamWorks production of The Bee Movie. As shown in the film, the honey bees are vital to our survival as humans. The bees work tirelessly collecting pollen, bouncing from flower to flower. Unfortunately the honey bees were recently placed on on the endangered species list. This is very harmful for our environment. The world in which we all live in will be dramatically different if there are no bees to pollinate. Without pollination, the colors of nature will naturally die, the trees would wilt, fields of flowers would no longer be there, the colors of the seasons will no longer be colorful, there will be no crops to be harvested, there would be no more honey.

Senior Jacob Karell (’17) said,“I feel that the interest of bees should be catered to more than in the past, due to their alarming decline in population throughout the last several years. I hope that I can see collectively, as humans, we can come together and emphasize the importance of the honey bees existence.” A lot of students are unaware of this issue, Kyle Dwyer (’17) “I had no idea they were endangered, and had no idea how big of a problem this was.”After informing Kyle about the subject he asked if humans could self pollinate, yes humans could self pollinate, but humans would not be able to pollinate at the same rapid rate as bees, and would still cause deficits to the environment.

Some students are also scared of the bees, which is understandable, however if students would leave the bees alone, and calmly swat them away is they invade personal space, the bee will realize that there is no pollen, and fly away. Francesca McDonald (’17) said, “My experiences in the Westhill courtyard, make me believe this is all a myth, however if this is actually a problem it should be taken seriously.” The next time you see a bee buzzing around you, stay calm, they can sense fear, if you become aggressive with the bees, the bees will become aggressive with you. But most importantly, stay aware of the issues that are happening on our earth, and get involved.

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