What’s New at Westhill?

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The following clubs certainly exemplify the creativity and inventiveness that comes from the students of Westhill. Whether its learning to code, advocating for women’s rights, or getting involved in all things technology, Westhill is comprised of various different opportunities for students to fully express themselves while sharing their interests with others!


Created by Sophmores Daniel Greco & Rishabh Jain, The Genius Bar perfectly exemplifies the technological potential that Westhill Students have to offer. The club was created to provide a free service to both educators and students to get help with technology. The club diagnoses problems with computers, teaches educators to use software, and provides a basic hub for technology. Greco and Jain  want to refurbish old computers and give them to students who otherwise do not have access to technology at home. Both students created the club out of a love and passion for technology, and a desire to help others in the community. When asked about the origin of their club, Greco stated, “Rishabh Jain and I started the club out of our unbridled passion for technology. We live in a time in which a phone in our pocket is more powerful than the computer aboard the Apollo spacecrafts. Today, a majority of our population owns a computer of some sort, but only a small fraction of those could fully utilize them. The only constraints to our technological abilities is the learning process, and Rishabh and I are trying our best to make it easy and engaging.” If you enjoy helping others and learning more about technology, you should check out The Genius Bar!

Where: Planning to meet in the Media Center from 2:05-3:30 every Thursday

Get In Touch: For more information, feel free to contact Daniel Greco at:




Started by Senior Jacqueline Sherman, The Childhood Cancer Awareness Club discusses the power of raising awareness and even funds for kids suffering from cancer. The club is planning on hosting a hat drive in which the hats that are donated will go to kids who have had hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment. The club is trying to help kids feel less different from “normal” healthy kids so that they can feel like they fit in more. The hat drive will occur soon and the club is planning to place boxes around the school so that the Westhill Community could donate new hats! If you would like to contribute to raising awareness for childhood cancer, then join The Childhood Cancer Awareness Club!

Where: In Room 400 after school, days TBD

Get In Touch: Feel free to send Jackie an email with questions!


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