How Minorities Voted In The 2016 Election

Photo Courtesy of A. Shaker (VOA) // Many minorities are against Donald Trump and what he stands for.

Almost every American is aware that we recently voted for and elected our 45th president this past November 8th. Donald J. Trump was elected after a landslide victory that took many Americans by surprise, while giving many the political shift they’d been looking for. What’s interesting is the results of how various ethnic groups and different ages voted in the election. Per exit polls conducted by the New York Times, Trump finished with 290 electoral college votes opposed to Clinton’s 232. Per the same polls voters were counted as such…


Mr. Trump took 53% of the male vote while only receiving 42% of the female vote.


Mr. Trump excelled with whites, receiving 58% of their vote. On the other hand it was Secretary Clinton who excelled with minorities receiving 88% of the black vote, 65% of the Hispanic/Latino vote, 65% of the Asian vote, and 56% of the other vote.


There was a pretty distinct line separating what ages voted for each candidate. Secretary Clinton excelled in receiving the votes of younger voters, obtaining 56% of votes from voters ages 18-29 as well as getting 50% of votes from voters ages 30-44. On the other hand, Mr. Trump excelled with “older” voters receiving 53% of the votes from voters ages 45-64 as well as 53% of the votes from voters ages 65 and over.


In terms of religion, Mr. Trump excelled with Protestants and Catholics receiving 58% and 52% of their votes, while Secretary Clinton excelled with Jewish voters, observers of other religions, and those who do not observe any religion. Secretary Clinton received 71% of the Jewish vote and took the majority in all other categories.

While it is apparent that Secretary Clinton excelled in many different categories, and many different diverse groups of people, such polls would suggest that Mr. Trump still tended to enough voters to win significantly over Secretary Clinton.

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