Film club holds audition for new production

Photo Courtesy of // Students at Westhill have started the film club.

Known around the school for producing cinematic works in a zany fashion, the Film Club is undertaking a new TV series titled, Proxy. The show will contain episodes thirty minutes in length, which will be uploaded to YouTube. It is a comedic crime drama about a teenage boy named Quinn who finds he has the ability to see through the lense of a camera or smartphone whenever he sleeps, and witnesses the mysterious disappearance of a fellow classmate.

The Film Club is asking anyone who is interested in acting to come to their auditions on Thursday, December 1st, in room 612. Both female and male roles are open. The Film Club will also be accepting many extras to be featured in their pilot and successive episodes. Applicants do not need to be Film Club members to apply.

“Proxy is a young adult sci-fi series and we are looking forward to see a wide variety of characters being brought to life in our upcoming auditions,” says Film Club member Samantha Lucas, (‘19). The regular members of Film Club are prepping both for acting roles and positions on tech. All Film Club productions are written, directed, staffed, acted out, and edited by Westhill students. It is an interesting alternative to the normal production and acting opportunities generally found in high schools, such as theatre and simplistic video editing.

“It’s a very thought-provoking script,” says club member Max Westerman (’19), “I’m really hopeful to see how it turns out” Film Club members have been holding script readings and rehearsals amongst each other to prepare themselves for their technical roles. They are enthusiastic to receive new additions to the club as well as temporary actors.

“We are optimistic,” said Assistant Director Tyler Jaafari (’17), “After all, we relied on our members to cooperate and take things seriously through the entirety of last year.”

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