The divide between Trump and Clinton supporters

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images // Clinton and Trump during a Presidential debate.

The country today appears to be divided between Trump and Clinton supporters. It’s no surprise that in this election, tensions are at an all time high and there’s a lot at stake. With the election less than a couple weeks away, many are flocking to a candidate to support and hopefully get into the White House. The presidential race is so close, at this point, it seems like most of the country is split down the middle. This election is also one with some of  the most dedicated supporters on each side of the spectrum. But with all of this, why the divide? In a poll taken of 50 random students, 8 out of 10 students wouldn’t be friends with Trump supporters, while only 1 out of 10 students wouldn’t be friends with a Clinton supporter. Many laughed when asked if they would be friends with Trump supporters and quickly answered no.  junior Isiah Walker who is a

“When it comes to Democrats and Republicans there’s always been a divide, both candidates have such different policies and both appeal to different groups of people in this country” said Isaiah Walker (’18). The stereotypes of each supporter are undeniable and is a major cause of the divide in this election. Two juniors who are Trump supporters claim Clinton supporters are liberal, and idiots who have never worked a day in their life. It’s easy to see why one group isn’t fond of the other. It’s the assumptions and stereotypes of each group that drive us away from each other.

One may not want to be associated with another because they feel it’s wrong before even getting to know an individual. An important thing to note is even though there is a lot of tension, we live in a country where we are allowed to disagree and support and vote for who we as individuals feel is worthy of the position at hand. That is the beauty of the democracy we have, but keeping this in mind it’s important to remember that we all are more than the political parties and the candidate we support, we are all humans that have our own personalities and our own stories to tell.

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