Tennis teams thriving under the radar

Photo Courtesy of Keelin Daly // Tennis coach Erica Tobias looks at the court prior to practice.

When it comes to sports, Westhill is a school with tons of sprit. Yet there is a sport that gets very minimal hype. Boys and girls tennis at Westhill is insanely underrated regardless of that fact that they qualify for FCIACS and States almost every year!

In the last five years boys tennis has had three state champion doubles teams and one state open champion doubles team. Two years ago they beat Greenwich for the first time in school history and just last week they beat Staples High school, the best team in the state, also for the first time ever. Besides their success on the court, the boy’s tennis team is a really close-knit group of guys.

“We have a great time blasting music on long bus rides and we always cheer each other on at matches. Our group chat blows up my phone 24/7 and has some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever read. After big wins we go out to eat and go to our coaches house to watch movies. Notable events include our yearly freshmen initiation horror movie, Costco run, and recent tradition of having a gathering with the girls team towards the end of the season” said senior captain Richard Greenbaum.

As far as girl’s tennis goes, they are 2-3 this season and just as close knit as the boys.

“People don’t really think of tennis as a team sport. Doubles us as ‘teamy’ as it gets, or so people think. When you are in a tiebreaker to determine the match after hours of plat, and you have every single girl on your team cheering for you every point, now that’s a team sport. Westhill girl’s tennis is all about support, as cheesy as it sounds. We may have a reputation of eating too many bagels or not running 5 miles everyday, but we work hard at a sport we all love,” says AITE senior Alex Bergman.

Both teams work very hard and although they hardly receive any recognition, the support and encouragement from their teammates make up for it!

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