Opinion: Social media’s impact on violence in high schools

Across the country, schools are dealing with waves of violence. This hand-to-hand fighting which may last for a few seconds or several minutes flares up very quickly and sometimes without good cause. Fights may take place because of a glance in your general direction that one might take as disrespect. There is a strange need for fighting in school settings that brings acceptance and status on the “High School Food Chain.” However, many people today simply choose to watch the brawl take its course and film it at the same time instead of trying to help stop the altercation.

“I think social media spreads the news because it lets people know that there’s a fight going on but the bad side of the situation is that no one is doing anything to stop the actual fight.” said Philip Ilizarov (’17). Gathering in a circle as quickly as possible, 5 students take out their cellphones to snap pictures of an uppercut. 5 other students pop open the Snapchat app to record the fight and continue to post it onto their stories in which all that follow them on Snapchat can see what they are witnessing. Unfortunately, the entire experience is a revolving door. Very few is in place to stop or change the viewership of the fight, just as no one is stepping in to stop the fight itself. Instead, people lean towards the short entertainment and adrenaline rush that comes with a fist fight among their peers.

Several students feel very uncomfortable and upset about the use of technology and how it is used to document violence. ” I believe instead of taking out your phones you should do something instead of watching for your amusement. I believe it’s better to do something and step up… it’s only going to get worse and someone is going to end up getting injured if no one does anything.” said Jesus Lorenzo Flores (’16).

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