What it’s like to cast your first vote

Senior Sam Schechter talks about her experience voting for the first time in the Connecticut primary.

Being involved in politics is not something I’ve always done. However this year, my first year voting, I felt it was not only important, but my obligation to be informed about the candidates caucusing for president of the United States.

That Tuesday morning, I woke up, proudly placed my “Bernie for Prez” hat on my head, and made my way to Turn of River Middle School where, for the very first time, I would place my vote. Following the signs to where I was districted, I walked into the school at around 10 a.m. ready to fulfill my civic duty. I was greeted promptly as I walked in by an older gentleman who then directed me to the Democrat table.
There, I pulled out my license and another kind man looked me up and then sent me to another table where I was handed a ballet and told to bubble it in behind the voting booth. With the pen in hand and sure choice in mind, I proudly filled the bubble next to “Bernard Sanders.” Once I was done, I walked over to the ballot box and watched the machine take my vote.
My first time voting was something I really looked forward to but this experience was honestly one of the most underwhelming experiences of my life. The whole thing is so overhyped. All I can say is I am glad I did it and I encourage anyone eligible to do so as well. We all have a voice and we should all use it.

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