Q&A with baseball coach Mulvany

Photo Courtesy of Keelin Daly // Coach Mulvany coaching third base during a game.

Recently, The Westword was fortunate enough to talk with Varsity Baseball coach D.J. Mulvany. We asked him about the upcoming season, the current team, teams of the past, and what he expect from his boys day in and day out.

The Westword (WW): What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Coach Mulvany (CM): Our daily goal is to get better. We hope this equates to a City Championship, FCIAC Championship, and a deep run in the state tournament.

WW: What do you enjoy most about coaching Baseball?

CM: I enjoy competing and trying to get the most out of all my players. We have great practices and it’s nice to see the maturation process play out. As equally important is that we have a staff that is extremely committed and loves coaching.

WW: How does the 2016 team compare to other teams you’ve coached in the past?

CM: This team worked really hard in the off-season and have continued that through the first few weeks of the season. This is great chemistry and we win and lose as a team.

WW: Who’s your favorite Baseball team and why?

CM: New York Yankees – My mom was a huge Yankees fan and loved Roger Maris. Her love for the Yankees rubbed off on me and was a special bond that we had. I’m thankful she wasn’t a Mets fan.

WW: How many years have you been coaching Westhill Baseball?

CM: 12 years – 11 of which have been with the varsity team.

WW: What did the team do this off-season to prepare for the upcoming season?

CM: We were fortunate enough to do our own strength and conditioning with Ali Rnotl. The upperclassmen lifted 3 times a week while freshman and sophomores did 2 times. A number of student athletes also worked out at Bluestreak.

WW: Are there any “star” freshmen this year like years in the past?

CM: There are a number of freshmen that our staff is excited about. We moved 6 freshmen up to JV and many of them compete with us on the varsity level. The future is bright and strong for the freshmen class.

WW: Are you depending on your seniors a lot this year?

CM: Yes, we demand a lot from our seniors. But, we are fortunate enough to have underclassmen that have lots of leadership and experience.

WW: How do you think this years team will do against the FCIAC this year?

CM: The FCIAC season is a grind. The league is full of tough team and while it is cliché, we have to take it one game at a time. We never get too confident after a win and we try just as hard not to dwell on a loss.

WW: Do you coach any other Baseball teams other than Westhill?

CM: I haven’t coached in the summer in a number of years. I hope to commit to something in the near future when my boys are a little older.

WW: Are you trying anything new to help your chance at winning this year?

CM: New year, new team, but the same game. The teams that get quality starting pitching, constant defense, and quality at-bats will extend their season. We know the guys will work hard to give us a chance to play in June.

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