Keeping your chill during prom season

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Jessica Phan // Here are a few tips for keeping your cool during prom season.

Prom season is here and some people are already stressing. Some people are worried about finding a date, finding the perfect color, planning a perfect promposal, etc. Here are some tips that anyone stressing about prom can use.

TIP 1: If you can’t find a date, it’s okay. Yes, the pictures are nice if you have a date, but let’s think about it. If you’re going with a group of friends, that’s all that matters. Prom is all about having a good time with the people that you might never see again. It’s a night to enjoy the people that you’ve spent four years with. Why stress over not going with someone that you probably weren’t going to be with the whole night anyways?

If you really want to have a date, think out of the box. Think of someone that’s in your class or a friend that you’ve had that would love to go with you. It doesn’t hurt to try. Ask someone that you know would be up to being on the dance floor the whole night like its nobody’s business.

TIP 2: Lately, people have been planning promposals. If you’re having a hard time planning on how to ask your date, check out Pinterest. Type in the search bar “Prom Proposal Ideas” and there will be a ton of pictures with ideas on how to get started. If you feel like you have bad taste, have someone that may know the person you plan on asking help you. Make sure your handwriting is eligible. Hint: the corniest sayings make the best promposals.

TIP 3: Girls: when choosing a color, try on colors that you normally would never pick for yourself. You may never know, it might be your new favorite color. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and your comfort zone.

TIP 4: If money is a problem for you and you really want to go to prom, I understand. To look good, you don’t have to spend nearly $800. You can keep it simple and still look beautiful. Work around your budget. It does not matter what anyone else thinks, as long as you feel beautiful, no one can tell you anything. Having an expensive dress does not define your beauty.

Everybody, keep your cool during prom. The day is arriving but don’t let it stress you out. Keep reminding yourself that everything is going to be okay and you’re going to look beautiful. Enjoy the last time that you may ever see these people ever again. Have fun and don’t ever leave the dance floor! 

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