Recording studio open to musically-inclined students

Photo courtesy of Alexandra Cali // In room 224, a working recording studio opened. Any students who are interested in utilizing the facility are encouraged to.

Recording studio in Westhill? What?!

You read correctly. In the corner of Room 224 there is a full-blown recording studio! Not only does it look super official but also it really does work! It works so well that anyone can go in and record. Mr. Wooley is the man behind this magic machine. Wooley says, “the studio was originally for the beats and rhymes class, but really anyone can get in there and record.”

These days students seem to be very interested in mix tapes and new fresh music, and the recording studio is a way for students to do this for free! The problem is that besides the beats and rhymes class which is the main purpose of the studio, not many people know about it. Westhill has a great music program that would highly benefit from the studio if they knew it existed.

When asked if he would consider using the recording studio, sophomore Brian Kaether said,“Yeah, definitely.  I would use it to get a clean violin recording …it would be a lot better than my iPhone.” This is a perfect example of how unpublicized this studio is. Kaether is an amazing violinist who could benefit so much from the studio, and until now didn’t know it even existed.

“If there was a studio, I personally wouldn’t use it, but I’m sure other people would.” said sophomore Inde Heuman.  Heuman, who participates in Westhill Chamber Singers, also didn’t know this studio exists. Even people who participate in musical activities don’t know this studio exists, and if musicians don’t know why would the normal student know? Well you heard it here first; if anyone is interested in using the studio feel free to get in contact with Mr. Wooley or Mr. Celsus.

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