Dance studio finishes construction in basement

Photo courtesy of Ryan Murace // Westhill has a new edition to the building: a brand new dance studio where dance forms classes will be held.
The dance studio space prior to being renovated.


As of second semester this year, the Westhill Health and Physical Education Department is offering a new Dance Forms course. It is a half-year elective taught by Mrs. Sher-Kalter and offers 2.5 credits to students. The dance studio is located in the gym area near the swimming pool and was built fairly recently during the winter break.

“It was a challenge to find space for it, but we transformed a relatively large storage room into the current studio,” said Mrs. Figluizzi. The custodial staff were a huge help in converting this space, which is equipped with mirrors as well as ballet barres.

“The physical education department is always looking to add enticing electives for students,” added Mrs. Figluizzi. Mrs. Sher-Kalter has also quite recently joined the Westhill faculty just last year. “We were able to match a need with an opportunity,” said Mrs. Figluizzi, as Sher-Kalter has extensive experience in dance.

Senior Danielle Richardson, who is currently enrolled in the class, said, “So far we’ve done a lot of Spanish cultural dancing, like Salsa, line dancing, some ballet, and African dance.” Danielle personally believes that it’s a fun and energetic class and would definitely recommend it to others. “It’s especially fun when you have friends dancing with you!” she added.

There’s currently only one section of Dance Forms, which runs during seventh period. Students change into comfortable clothing as they usually would for a gym class. Girls typically wear leggings and a loose t-shirt. Like many typical dance classes, it’s predominantly female in enrollment so far.

The Dance Forms course is recommended for students that have a particular interest in dance and expressive movement. It’s a relatively introductory and beginner-level course. “It’s a nice relaxing break in a student’s busy schedule,” said Mrs. Figluizzi.

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