University of Bridgeport hosts application session in career center

Photo CC: Alexandra Cali // Students were given the opportunity to participate in a free application session for the University of Bridgeport.

On January 5, seniors interested in attending the University of Bridgeport were given the opportunity to begin the application process at the career center. Students were notified about the event through Naviance, and could then sign up online to participate in the application session. A representative for the University was present in the career center for all three lunch waves, helping prospective students fill out paperwork and submit standardized test scores. Once the school’s application was completed and Bridgeport received a transcript and SAT scores, students were then put into the school’s applicant pool.

Katie Chamerlain, the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Bridgeport, visited Westhill in an effort to increase student interest in the school.“I like to call it an application workshop. Students are able to fill out free applications, and then provide us with transcripts and SATs. It’s a great way to help kids jumpstart the application process.” Chamerlain said.

Although many college representatives frequently visit Westhill as a result of college fairs, it’s rare for a university to visit a school offering free applications. “This was a typical occurrence about 20 years ago. When the student body was much smaller in size, several state schools would come and set up booths in the hallways, offering applications and interviews to those who were interested,” Head of Guidance Ms. Deluca said.

Chamerlain also agreed that application sessions provide a unique and effective experience for high school seniors, stating that, “It’s something that not a lot of schools in Connecticut allow, but I love doing them when I get the chance. It’s a great way to answer questions or concerns students may have about possible majors, course of study, or the school itself.”

The University of Bridgeport’s visit was prompted by the positive response Westhill students had after touring the school on an AVID field trip. AVID advisor Mrs. Melfi-Smith noticed that there was a considerable amount of student interest in learning more about the university, and decided to reach out to the school.  “Katie Chamerlain and I thought that it would give students who didn’t necessarily have the family connections or resources to pursue the school a chance to learn more; that it would serve as a helpful resource,” Mrs. Melfi-Smith said.

Several students were thrilled about the experience being offered by the University.  “I think this is a really great way for students to apply, considering the process is free.  It also gets students interested in the school because the University of Bridgeport representative is so accessible.  All of our questions can be answered,” senior Tomasa Lopez said.

For students who were unable to attend the free application session, the University of Bridgeport has rolling admissions with no deadline, so there is still time to apply. Click here to visit the University’s website and apply.

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