Richardson leaps into action on track and field camp

Photo CC: // Senior Danielle Richardson has taken the initiative to start her own track camp in the coming summer months.
It takes a generous student to want to assist young students. Westhill track star, Danielle Richardson, came up with a brilliant idea to start a Track and Field camp over the summer for students from middle school. She organized a camp to help students that plan on joining track and field, an opportunity to gain skills that will be beneficial for when they join the team.
“When I was in middle school, we didn’t have a track and field program, it was just cross country. When I got to high school, talking to the other athletes I realized that all of us ran cross country in middle school but majority of us were unfamiliar with what track and field was.” senior Danielle Richardson said.
Once she joined track in field, she realized that some students lacked the skills she felt were necessary for track and field because they weren’t trained properly.  Richardson was also aware of the fact that the students that proved successful in their track and field careers at Westhill were training prior to when they joined the team.
 “During meets, I realized that schools such as Danbury, Staples and Trumbull have track programs for middle school students over the summer, which explains the amount of athletes they have. So I thought it would be a great idea to start a camp in Stamford.” Danielle said.
 “When I was in Jamaica, I was in a track and field program and it was beneficial for when I moved to America and joined the team. It prepared me for the team at Westhill and it provided me with the necessary skills that I felt were essential to being in track and field,” senior Jahmelia Spence said.
If you have someone that you know that is in middle school and they are interested in joining track and field when they go to high school, you can contact Danielle Richardson on Facebook : Danielle Richardson or email:
To support Danielle and her camp, you can make a donation here.

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