Opinion: Senior internships facilitate professional experiences

Internships offered to seniors during May are a great opportunity to gain work experience in the fields of students' interests.

At Westhill, seniors are provided with an opportunity to take an internship at the end of the school year. The internships, of which are completely optional, start at the beginning of May, after AP exams. Students are able to leave school for the rest of the school year after finding an internship that the school signs off on. Internships can be chosen by the student and there is no academic requirement to participate.

Principal Figluizzi spoke on Capstone, a new program at Westhill, which looks “to demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired during secondary school years of education,” as stated in a 2010 program proposal. This program would allow senior students to engage in internships and projects that they would find enjoyable to themselves and their interests. With Capstone, seniors are given a way to be more involved in school during their last year while still being able to gain the knowledge and expertise an internship can offer.

Westhill is more than happy to allow students to find internships during their senior year- this is if they are in a good position to do so. The Academy of Finance which is a part of our school’s business department offers internships with some of the large, well- known companies that are throughout Stamford. While these internships typically take place in the summer between junior and senior year, they are just as encouraged as they provide helpful experience for the future.  

Principal Figluizzi feels the “experience of internships are very helpful to seniors,” who are soon to be college students or in the working world. From a student’s standpoint, internships are extremely helpful in gaining experience for a possible career. With this, they look great on college applications and also applications for future jobs. From an administrator’s point of view, internships are just as helpful and even encouraged. So, if you are a senior who has fulfilled all requirements, an internship would be a smart step for you to take. 

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