Opinion: Payment for passing AP’s offers incentives to succeed

Students who pass their AP exams are typically payed by the College Board as a reward for their efforts. Are these POD rewards helpful or unnecessary?

As a parent or student, it can be very intimidating to see that ninety dollar price tag attached to AP exams.  Many people are not in favor of paying this substantially large amount, however, it is strongly recommended by teachers that AP students take their exams.

The College Board pays each student fifty dollars for each AP exam they pass with a three or higher.  I, along with many others, agree with the College Board’s decision to pay students for doing exceptionally well on their exams.

The price to take AP exams can become extremely costly when the student is enrolled in multiple AP classes.  In addition, it costs a lot of money to buy the necessary materials for AP courses.  The money paid to the student by The College Board can help relieve some of the expenses.  Senior Laura Gurial is currently taking AP English Literature, AP Government and Politics, and AP Environmental Science.  Laura is in favor of being paid for passing her AP exams.  “I think that when you’re in AP classes, the amount of money you spend on review materials and things like projects is about how much you get back the next year.  I think students deserve to be reimbursed.” said senior Laura Gurial.

The money paid to the student will not only help pay off some of the costs of taking the AP exams, but it will also offer students an incentive to do well.  Lets face it, as high school students, we want to have that little extra amount of spending money in our pockets.  “We pay good money to take an AP test.  We deserve a reward for passing.  What better way to reward us by giving some of our money back.” said junior Jack Malkiewicz.

Everyone will continue to benefit if The College Board continues to pay students for passing their AP exams.  I believe that more students will sign up to take the exam if they know they have a chance of earning back some of their money.  Also, students will feel more motivated to study because they want to be paid back.  This will result in higher scores for the students, which will reflect positively on the schools.

Senior Jarrod Trief stated, “I believe students should receive remuneration for passing AP exams.  This offers an increased incentive for all students planning to take the test.  Essentially, it’s a reward that students perceive as being attainable, and cultivates motivation to achieve academic excellence.”

It is imperative that students continue to be paid for their outstanding achievements on their AP exams.  It will not only alleviate some of the costs, but it will also encourage students to properly prepare for it.

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