Girls’ basketball reflects after tough season

Photo courtesy of Danielle Calloway // 2 Westhill girls defend against a Stamford High player.

The girls’ Basketball team at Westhill perfectly defines the word hardworking. Their captivating and positive attitudes not only make an impact on the school but for one another on the team. They’ve been through many ups and downs, but they were able to stick together and work hard as a team.

“Overall the season was pretty good,” said senior Elizabeth Grosso, who was the captain of the team during the 15-16 season. “Our record didn’t reflect the talent that we had.”

Their record for the whole season was 6-12 in 18 games, not what they expected the outcome to be. Even though they aren’t proud of their record, they still arrived to practices that were long and intensive. They worked on their own individual skill to see what to do to improve and make there game better. Many of the practices ended up with team drills to prepare for the games especially.

In order for them to stay in shape and healthy, these girls do a lot of running which improves all of their performances. Every week they rotated having late and early practices with the boy’s team. This was one of many reasons that the players were proud of the way they played by the end of the season. They push all their negativity away and thought about the wins they earned, such as the big win against rival Trinity Catholic High School. They went against one of the counties best teams and were able to beat them.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t advance into states or FCIAC,” said junior Olivia Wise, also a co-captain on the team. “But we did improve as a team over the course of the season.”

The seniors took this season as a lesson and wanted to show the juniors that this wasn’t the end.

“Don’t take the gym time for granted and practice according to your aspirations!” said Elizabeth Grosso. Win or lose, the motivation that the girls provided to our school tells us what it’s really like to be Westhill and Proud.

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