Colorful customizable earbuds for spring

Add some personal flare to your earbuds this spring with some brightly colored string and bold designs.

This project won’t just add some color to your earbuds, it also keeps them tangle free. To do this, you just need some embroidery floss. If you don’t know, or never learned how to do the Chinese staircase, I’ve included a link to some instructions. You’ll need this stitch to complete the DIY project.

  • Choose your colors. Then knot them around the end of your earbuds beneath the actual earbud.
  • You may want to tape your earbuds to something, to hold them in place.
  • Just make a Chinese staircase, tying the knots around the wire.
  • When you reach the area where the two wires come together, continue along the wire, until you reach the end.
  • Then, start again beneath the second earbud. This time, when the two wires come together, end the staircase.
  • You may want to use some clear nail polish to seal the ends.

These projects won’t require a trip to the craft store, so you can try them when you’re just bored at home, or whenever you want. They’re some colorful ideas to try just in time for spring!

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