Studying tips for upcoming midterms

Photo courtesy of Moyan Brenn // Feeling stressed about upcoming exams? Here are three tips to help you downplay your test jitters.

There are several different ways to prep for midterms. Many individuals get worked up over these “scary” tests because without properly preparing for them, one might not succeed or obtain the grade that they would like. Therefore, these tips should help all students to get into the proper mindset to boost their confidence levels and help them get their A’s and B’s.

The week before midterms comes around the corner and you start to panic. Will I be prepared to do well on all of my exams? Are my study habits up to par with everyone else? Here are some tips to help skyrocket you to success:

  1. Reward yourself!– Some students leave little surprises for themselves at different sections of the chapter you may be reading. Treats like gummy bears or Starbursts are helpful motivational tools. Anything to keep the juices flowing up in your brain to keep you focused and on task is a good thing.
  2. Take an animal therapy break!– Do you own a dog? Perhaps a cat? Do you enjoy watching them frolic in the meadows outside in the backyard? Studies have shown that stepping away from your desk to get some fresh air and throw a ball with your dog helps to retain information that you were previously studying. Get outside into the sunlight, you’ve earned yourself a break!
  3. Eat. A Ton!– Food is your fuel. You can’t expect to get anywhere without having the energy to succeed. Take breaks and reward yourself by chowing down on a healthy delicious meal. But avoid the junk food! Studies have also shown that eating less healthy dishes can lead you to do more poorly on your exams, as they will not fuel you through your studying period.

Exams are a week away. Are you eating? Are you rewarding yourself for working hard? Are you out getting some well-deserved fresh air with your family pet? Are you ready for midterms? Best of luck to all. Let’s get through this stressful period of time and go back to relaxing with family.

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