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Film ClapperboardClub

People spend a lot of time watching movies, whether it’s at the cinema or simply on Netflix. So, with rising demand for more movies, this is a wonderfully exciting time for hopeful filmmakers.

With there being limited film-related courses at Westhill, two students decided to form their own film club and start generating student interest. Andrea Joshua (‘16) and Stephanie Zachariadis (‘17) came together when they both had the idea to form a film club. Stephanie wants to become a director, with quite a bit of experience under her belt thanks to attending several film camps. Andrea has been making short films with her friends for years. They both love doing this and wanted to share this joy with others. Ms. Reap, with her background in theatre and acting, is the club advisor.

Both students believe that film is an incredibly creative hobby and people can’t go wrong with trying it out. It is fit for a large variety of people.  “The thing about film is that it encapsulates so many different art forms, ranging from screenwriting, cinematography, directing, acting. A lot of students are into at least one aspect.” Said Andrea.

It is worthy of trying out the club, especially if you want to find the right career, or even hobby, for oneself. “This gives [students] an opportunity to gain experience and just have fun pursuing their passion.” said Stephanie. The club ended up getting a considerable turnout on their first day. They hope to separate into groups and jump right into making projects.

The Film Club meets every Thursday after school in Room 434.



14c2bc0f-db9e-4cc0-8a1a-8e9ba79e58a2Most after school clubs are very uniform in the way they are managed by club advisors and student leaders. P.A.T.H.Finders is different. Mr. Celsis, the club founder and advisor along with Ms. McKenzie, created this club with the intention of getting a group of young people from all backgrounds to come together and benefit the community.

“I want it to become a movement,” said Celsis when asked about his hopes for the new club.  Absolutely anybody can join this club to learn about social issues, world problems, and change.  Through this, children who are not well versed with the hot topics circulating around Westhill or the society around them can become educated about these growing conflicts and spread awareness. This will result in a more informed youth, which can make the community a much better place to be a part of.

The club environment has an empowering feel. It is not simply a place to kill time; there are expectations. While going from your school day to a club where one has to do actual things does bring a sense of good feeling and emotion to those involved.

Bryce Hauman (‘16), a member of the club, stated, “[The club is] a place for people to come and be free of judgement.” For people who want to feel like they belong and want to make a change, this is the place for you.

P.A.T.H.Finders meets every Thursday, from 2:15 to around 3:30, in either room 222 or room 402.


Spoken Word

Speak-easyPoetry serves as a powerful form of self-expression. For many, it can be an outlet to release emotion and gain back control over your mind. Nastasja Haughton (‘16) decided it would be interesting to have a club focused on just that.

It is important to note that poetry is, however, only an umbrella term. While there are many different types of poetry, spoken word poetry is what this club focuses on. Spoken word is written in free verse, which is known as the more poetic, refined version of rambling: just speaking what is on your mind. It helps many release feelings and takes the weight off their shoulders. Nastasja describes spoken word as, “just you, a microphone, and raw emotion.”

In the club, people work on their poetry and share their pieces, receiving feedback from those around them. Everybone works together to better their writing. “I hope to reach people who have a passion for poetry and if they don’t know about it already, or do, make the transition into spoken word and performing.” said Natasja.

The club is only in its beginning stages, and there weren’t too many members the first meeting. Nastasja hopes it expands and everyone can work collectively to eventually put on a school-wide poetry slam.

Mr. Wooley is the advisor and the club meets every Thursday in room 216.

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