Opinion: Should there be qualifications for AP classes?

Photo courtesy of Wikepedia// Students believe qualifications for AP classes are absurd, and would lead to an unequal gap in educational opportunity.
Everyone has the ability to be in an AP class as long as they put their heart to it and are ready to face challenges. While some feel implementing standards for enrolling in AP classes would be beneficial, I believe that students should be able to continue to enroll in the courses of their choice. Qualifications for AP classes would tell students that they don’t deserve or have the necessary skills to be in an AP class, something which is far from true. Yes, it may be true that some individuals may have better skills to be in an AP class than others, but anyone can obtain that knowledge as long as they set their mind to it. 
Any individual that has the drive to learn and who keeps an open mind is capable of being successful in an AP class. If they have the drive to learn what’s being taught, then it’s going to happen. 
“When I heard about AP classes when I was a freshman and sophomore, I thought those courses were reserved for specifically chosen students. I felt like I wouldn’t be able to be in an AP class because I thought it was for students with special skills.” said senior Isaiah Byrd.  It was clear that AP classes were not presented to Byrd as an accessible option, but rather an exclusive course.
When asked what prompted him to switch into AP classes Byrd responded, “Once I learned what AP was really about, I realized that there’s nothing stopping me from taking an AP class. This whole time I had my mind set on what I thought AP meant, but then I learned that I have the skills to be in that class. I have a drive to learn and challenge myself.”
AP is not for everyone, but how can someone know if it’s for them if they never take a step towards finding out? Junior Ana Estevez says, “There shouldn’t be any qualifications to be in an AP class because everyone should have the opportunity to learn at that level and also, everyone taking that class should know the work that must be put into it.”
You don’t have to be outrageously smart to be in an AP course but you must have the passion to challenge yourself, which is a quality many Westhill students posses. By pushing yourself, you find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Colleges like to see that a student has taken rigorous courses throughout their years at a high school. Every student should be awarded the same opportunity to take advantage of the numerous AP courses offered at Westhill, and creating qualifications or standards for students to meet in order to take said courses would not be productive.

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