Inventive DIY iPhone case designs

Photo from Flikr user Takao Miura // Brighten your iPhone case with a bold, expressive design using these easy steps.

I don’t think I need to explain how popular smartphones are. So for this post, I found some DIY cases. I’ve included the links to some great ones, but I’ve included the instructions for the tribal print case.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Making this case is fairly straightforward and simple. There’s not just one way to do it, you can use whatever design you want.

  • While making this case, you’ll need the ruler to draw a few lines horizontally across the case. They don’t have to be perfectly horizontal. If they’re a little crooked they can get even more of that tribal look.
  • Now fill it in, little by little, with some brightly colored patterns.
  • Be creative with your designs! Geometric patterns look awesome. You may end up repeating some patterns but it will still look amazing.
  • At the end, make sure the case is dry.

Just a warning: this will require some time and patience, but the result is completely worth it. And, if you don’t feel like doing this design after all, feel free to doodle and make your own personalized case.

Now there are so many great DIY phone cases out there. Here’s a link to some other awesome ideas.  Have fun with it, and be as creative as you’d like!



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