SALT encourages varsity athletes to give back

Photo courtesy of SPEF // Senior Johnny Spoto with a group of elementary school students during a SALT meeting.

As high school students it is important to give back to the community. The Stamford Public Education Foundation created a new program this year called Student Athlete Leadership, also known as SALT. It started in the beginning of the school year, and is currently on break until the start of Spring.

Mr. Pereira contacted senior varsity athletes at Westhill to participate in this program. It consists of well-balanced Westhill athletes who show good character and strong leadership. Their mission is to positively influence younger students through academic achievement, community service, and life skills. Every Thursday from 9:10 to 10 AM the members of SALT go over to Roxbury Elementary School and interact with the third grade students. They lead and participate in activities with them, that teach respect and awareness of what’s going on around them.

“I love that these kids look up to us as role models and are always willing to learn new things.” Said senior Edona Thaqi. Each time they meet, they discuss a different topic. One day they discussed what respect is and how to demonstrate it at home, in school, and throughout the community. Recently, SALT members made holiday cards with third grade students at the elementary school. This established a positive relationship and strong bond between the students at Roxbury and the members of SALT.

Senior varsity lacrosse player Isabella Petrini loves the program. “I like that we’re assigned kids and have them every time. It helps you bond and really get to know them. That connection allows you to be comfortable and to talk about things easily,” said senior Isabella Petrini ‘16.

This program allows for high school students to give back to their community by sharing their experiences and knowledge with the younger generation of students. “SALT allows us to build relationships with our future basically. We are mentoring kids who are going to be our employees and maybe even employers. It’s vital to instill the importance of giving back at a young age.” Said senior Kelly Finn.

The idea of having positive role models to mentor young students is great. SALT provides these students with friendly environment while also teaching them valuable lessons and skills.

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