Opinion: Adding administrator to purple pack group is unnecessary

Photo courtesy of Isabella Petrini // Some students feel that the addition of an administrator in the Purple Pack Facebook group is not only unnecessary but counterproductive.

Westhill’s student section, better known as the Purple Pack, can be seen ramping up the bleachers at all sports’ games and tournaments. The club, which is composed of students from all grades, supports school spirit in all aspects. Not only do they cheer on our athletes, but they encourage overall succession of the entire Westhill community. The Purple Pack stays connected with one another in various ways, one of which being through Facebook. As this is a student run organization, the idea of a Facebook page being anything but that, surprises people. So, the question that is now being asked is should there be an administrator in the Purple Pack Facebook group?

The Purple Pack was created in 2012 by Westhill Alumni Seamus Ronan and Steven Lee in efforts to “bring heart and passion to the games and spirit to the school where it had been lacking.” From the beginning, the Purple Pack was a group made by students for students, so why is it now that some want to add an administrator to the group’s Facebook page?

With the recent advances in technology, it has become harder to keep track of what everyone is up to. Members of the Packs’ Facebook group are able to make arrangements and organize activities for upcoming games. It is a place where students are able to express themselves without the constant eye of an administrator looking over them. Of course, this can be both good and bad.

Mrs. Figluizzi believes that there shouldn’t be an administrator within the group. After speaking with her she expressed her confidence in the students involved in the Purple Pack, saying “I don’t think there should be an administrator if kids can be responsible and keep the school in a good light.” The group, run by seniors Matt Conte and Isabella Petrini, isn’t likely to have any serious problems.

While adding an administrator isn’t the worst idea ever, what would come of it? Students may feel under pressure to avoid being themselves if they know that one of their teachers or advisors was to be looking over them. As said by Mrs. Figluzzi, “students would inevitably find a way around any administrator added into the group.”

Personally, I believe that there shouldn’t be an administrator in the Purple Packs’ Facebook group seeing as it would interfere with the student atmosphere of the club. The group is just another way for students of all grades and groups to interact with one another outside of school and while small problems may arise, I have confidence in the group’s leaders to take care of it. Adding an admin would just be an unnecessary interference in the student community.

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