John Kanaris’ thoughts on being goalie for boys Ice Hockey Team

Photo courtesy of J. Gregory Raymond // John Kanaris makes a save against an opposing player.

We talked to John Kanaris, a sophomore who plays goalie for Westhill’s Ice Hockey team to get an idea of what it is like to stop pucks made of vulcanized rubber coming at him at over 70 miles per hour. There season starts December 19th, when the team takes on Stafford.

  1. The Westword: When did you start playing Hockey?

John Kanaris: I started playing hockey at 8. I started playing goalie at 10.

2. T.W: What do you love about playing for Westhill?

J.K: I love the players on my team, they make it a lot of fun to play. Even when we lose, the older guys   try to keep it loose in the locker room.

3. T.W: Do you want to play in the NHL?

J.K: It’s not really an interest of mine right now, but if there was an opportunity to I’d definitely be interested.

4. T.W: What players do you look up to in the NHL?

J.K: I really admire Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur. They are two goalies who had so much talent during their playing days.

5. T.W: Who do you look up to on Westhill’s team?

J.K: I look up to the seniors on the team, they’re the most mature players on the ice, and they’re always helping the younger players out.

6. T.W: Tell me about how you play.

J.K: I am a butterfly goalie. I like to get down on my pads and make a lot of saves. I’m big on using my stick during games. I hate using the blocker because rebounds are more common when using that as a method to save the puck.

7. T.W: Have you ever wanted to play another sport?

J.K: I gave a go at baseball but that was rough. I’ll stick to hockey.

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