7 delicious Brazilian desserts you need to try

Whether it’s ice cream, cake, or even a bite of a cookie, desserts are nearly synonymous with “happiness”. If you love sweets, then get ready! Brazil offers some of the most delicious and delectable desserts that you can find, and you don’t have to fly there to try them! Since my father grew up in Brazil, he introduced me to many traditional Brazilian meals and desserts. Here are some of my favorite desserts:


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1) Brigadeiros

-If you’re a fan of chocolate, then you will not regret this delectable treat! Coated in chocolate sprinkles, shredded coconut, cocoa powder, or nuts, this ball of chocolate is one of my favorite desserts and is surprisingly simple to make! All you need is condensed milk, cocoa, butter, and a coating of your choice! But be warned- it can get a little messy! You can follow a recipe here for precise measurements and directions!


  1. Dulce de Lechedulce de le che

-You may have heard of this sweet dessert before but haven’t gotten the chance to try it yet! This rich, smooth dessert is perfect for people with a sweet tooth! You can either use it as a topping, or even just eat it by the spoonful! Many local supermarkets have premade jars of Dulce de Leche, but if not, you can find a recipe here to make it yourself!


3)Banana Pudding Pie

Although this may not seem like a Brasilian dessert at first glance, bananas are a traditional sign of Brasil’s food culture! My grandmother used to make this pie when she came to visit us- and it has become a personal favorite of mine! There are many variations of these pies that can be found at local supermarkets. But, if you’re feeling audacious, feel free to try a recipe here to make your own banana cream pie! While cooking the bananas, feel free to add a touch of cinnamon to give your pie extra flavor!


  1. White Pudding (Cuscuz Branco)Cconut tpiocaa

This pudding is not as complicated as it sounds! It is composed of three traditional Brasilian ingredients that are found in a lot of desserts: coconut, tapioca, and condensed milk. This is a traditional treat around the holidays in Brasil, so I thought that it was suitable for this time of year! It’s not as easy to find this dessert in local stores, so here is an easy recipe to follow in order to try this luscious treat for yourself!

cm pudding

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5) Pudim de Laite (Condensed Milk Pudding)

This is a very simple yet delicious treat that contains a very popular Brasilian ingredient- you guessed it- condensed milk! Similar to traditional flan, this pudding is a succulent dessert that is worth the preparation! You can follow a recipe here to get to taste this for yourself and see if it is the treat for you!





6) Acai

You may have heard of this flavorful berry or seen it in a store. Acai is a very common berry used in Brasil for practically anything- whether it’s a bowl of ice cream or in an energy smoothie! In fact, Robeks™ has two acai smoothies that you can purchase without having to go through the effort! Aside from smoothies, a popular dessert in Brasil is acai ice cream (acai bowls). You can try to find some flavorful, velvety acai ice cream at the supermarket, or try to make an acai bowl from scratch by following a recipe here.

  1. CupuacuCupuacu

Lastly, nothing resembles Brasilian culture more that this unique fruit that makes a delicious ice cream! It’s hard to find Cupuacu ice cream in your local store, but if you do, I would recommend buying it to try this inimitable flavor!

Whether it’s a coconut pudding or an acai ice cream, Brazil introduces flavors that you don’t see every day! If you’re tired of the same desserts and want to try something unique and tasty, try one of my recipes or buy one of these Brasilian desserts to see what you’ve been missing out on!

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