Students wear creative Halloween costumes to school

Photo courtesy of Devon Ostheimer // Students wore their costumes to school the Friday before Halloween.

When you ask someone about what their favorite holiday is, Christmas is typically the answer you expect to get. However, Halloween has been a growing favorite in recent years and Westhill’s students are no exceptions to that trend. On the Friday before Halloween, students were walking around full of laughter and giddiness. Many wore costumes, especially the seniors for the Senior Costume Parade. Some were simply store-bought, while others purchased materials of their own and got creative.

“I start planning for Halloween really early. November 1 hits and I’m already thinking of next years costume,” senior Jykira Harkness said.

There were costume pieces varying from your typical witch hat, all the way to roller skates and intricate fake wounds. You could see skeletons, zombies, movie characters, cartoon characters, and politicians, among many others. All the creatures of the night were going about their normal school day. Even teachers got into it, with Ms. Tintle dressing up as Mr. Pereira and Ms. Porter Collins being a big, purple Teletubby. Halloween, however, is not just about that one day. It stretches all throughout October, give or take a few weeks.

Some people spend this time enjoying classic family traditions. When asked about her favorite activities for Halloween, senior Julianna Goldfluss answered that she likes to, “carve pumpkins, trick or treat, and trade candy!”

Regardless of what one chooses to do, whether it be watching horror movies on Netflix, experiencing the horror movies in haunted houses, or creating the horror itself, it is never a boring month. There is something for everyone.

Overall, senior Mitchell Lustosa summed up Halloween perfectly by saying, “It is the best time to go out with friends and have a good time.”

Hopefully, everybody kept their black cats inside this Saturday and enjoyed their bags of candy.

Jykira Harkness ('16) as Jigsaw from the Saw franchise.

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