PowerSchool: Access and information

PowerSchool Parent Portal gives parents and students the opportunity to access their child’s grades and attendance whenever. It helps students become more engaged with their academic performance, which is a fundamental key to success in high school. It gives you the option to view the student’s grade history, attendance history, teacher comments, school information, and account presences.

Some students have no idea how to set up their PowerSchool account. Senior Johnny McNeil says, “I’ve never had access to PowerSchool and I felt like I was annoying my teachers when I would ask them for my grade. The school couldn’t help me because they didn’t know how to.” By visiting the Stamford public school website then clicking Office of Family Engagement then PowerSchool Parent Portal then scrolling to the bottom, there are two attachments. By clicking one of the attachments you’ll see a tri-fold. The tri-fold gives instructions as to how to access PowerSchool. The most important thing to have ready before anything is the access code. The access code was mailed to every student’s house in an envelope.

If a student has PowerSchool but forgot their password, there’s an option to select forgot password. By entering your email, a recovery password will be sent. If you never get the email, click here.

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