Opinion: Why powder puff isn’t offensive

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It’s around that time again! Powder puff is closer than you think. Who wouldn’t love watching girls play an intense, competitive, and most importantly, humorous form of flag football? That sounds like a game I for sure want to be at.

Women these days deal with criticism and discrimination for simply being females, in this case I feel that Powder Puff shouldn’t be looked at as being offensive but more as a sense of change. If anything it’s more of an honor to be able to participate in something that you don’t usually see girls playing in. Junior Haley Blau says “Powder Puff is a great experience for any girl who loves football.  It’s so awesome that we are given the opportunity to play a sport we don’t normally participate in.”  By the school giving us a chance to change things around, it’s a great opportunity for girls to show their more aggressive, competitive side.

Football is a game that interests many viewers, whether it be male or female. Senior Natalie Truglia is for sure ready to play on her senior Powder Puff team. She states, “Powder Puff gives us the opportunity to play the game and enjoy the sport played by only girls for the day.” Students love seeing something different and this game is one of those chances for students to really get involved; especially girls who don’t usually have the chance to. Matt Conte, one of the senior Powder Puff coaches said, “Girls don’t really get the chance to play football on the varsity team so giving them the chance and having a fundraiser at the same time is great for everyone.” Matt brings up a very valid point that not only girls are getting the chance to play football but are most importantly supporting something much bigger then that: a fundraiser.  Powder Puff is supposed to be a fun, interactive game for girls, guys, and faculty who show their support. No one miss out on this great opportunity, because it only happens once a year!

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