Free art books available in school library

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Though it is open to everyone, the art students and teachers in particular are enjoying the free shelf of books in the media center.  This year Susan Mitchell, mother of former student Samantha Consentino, donated around 100 art-related books. Robin Konrad, head of the art department, helped pick these books for the school with Mitchell.  Many Westhill students in the AP art classes don’t have the luxury to purchase expensive, hard-cover art history books, so this donation was met with much appreciation.

“Kids love to take the few worn out books and turn them into altered books. Those books are there for the students to read, get inspiration, but also put their own creativity into them.” Konrad said.

“It feels satisfying to rip up a book or draw and scribble in it. It’s like a coping mechanism to destroy something and make it my own.” said AP Studio Art student Lindsay Crevecoeur (’17).

Though they were a donation, these shelves of free books are not a place for random people to drop off books they don’t want. These books were put in a specific location to benefit Westhill students.  The librarians ask that you don’t drop off random or unwanted materials in this area.

“We enjoy watching people look through the books and taking them home. It makes us feel good to see people get so excited to bring home these books for free, without having to return them.” Jan Benedict and Ruth Letson, the head librarians at Westhill High School mentioned.

But it’s not just art classes that have benefitted from the donation. A few English and Communication teachers have come in to look through the books with their classes.

“I grab a lot of them to show what linear photo essays look like for communications. I put them in my classroom library for students to skim through and take apart for a visual rhetoric.” Mr. Von Wahlde, an AP English and Communications teacher said.

This selection of books is a great resource to have and take home for free, and benefit all students who are interested in exploring art.

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