Fall sports season wrap-up

Photo courtesy of John Nash. // Westhill's soccer team tries to win a game earlier this season.

As October has hastily come to a halt and November has begun, it has marked the ending of fall sports at Westhill.  While certain teams thrived, others did not do as well as they’d hoped. But overall, each team can say that it was a season that they will never be able to forget.

The volleyball team may not have had the record that they’d aimed for, but the scores do not reflect the skill set of the team.  They ended with a record of 3-15. “One thing that we could have fixed was when one person messes up we need to learn how to move on to the next point and cheer for each other to get out of that state of mind.  If we can fix that it would be a great thing” said volleyball captain Silvana Cordona.

The girls’ field hockey team also had a similar fate.  With a 2-15 record, the team had to stick together to keep their heads up.  Like before, their record by no means reflected the real skill level on the team. “We were very good at communicating and we had a really strong team bond” said field hockey captain Jenna Lewis.  This is crucial in making sure that everyone is on the same page.

Boys’ soccer went 2-11-3 having a great time along the way.  Disappointed with their record, the boys rallied and made the most of their season. “Our team was closer this year than any other year on and off the field. We were really a family and were tested a few times but stuck together” said senior Kevin Lam. Although the outcome wasn’t preferable, the drive that they showed was unbelievable.  Be sure to watch out because they are coming back with vengeance.

The girls’ soccer team has shown to be the most successful fall sport thus far.  Making states, their season is still going.  With a 9-7-0 record, the girl’s team has thrived.  Their hard work and dedication has paid off. “We have been doing hard fitness this passed week.  Mentally we have been preparing as a team and talking about strategies to look for weaknesses of the other teams so that we know where to take the game to succeed” said soccer captain Cassie Herrera. As they advance to states, they hope that their momentum can carry over and destroy any competition in their way.

The football team is also still in season.  With a 1-6 record so far, you can be sure that in the remaining games they will be going out for blood.  “It’s been tough at times, but we have always remained positive and working hard.  That’s something I admire about our team; we never give up” said football captain Jack Cebo. Be sure to look out for the boys as they take Stamford high and hopefully win the last game of the season!

The girls’ and boys’ cross country teams both did not have the season they’d anticipated – the boys going 1-15 and the girls 0-16.  Their records did not affect their team bond or chemistry.  Although running is more of an individually based sport, both teams stayed by each other’s side and cheered one another on. “The whole team tried hard and ran to the best of their ability. They all left faster than they came, and all improved in some way shape or form” said manager Danielle Richardson.

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