Cassie Herrera’s thoughts on being a varsity soccer captain

Photo courtesy of New Canaan News // Cassie Herrera takes on the responsibility of Girls' Varsity soccer captain in her senior year.

We talked to Cassandra Herrera, senior Captain of the Girls Varsity Soccer team, to find out what her season was like this year. There record this season was 9-8, enough to get them into states. They fell short in their first game of states 1-0 against Wilton, which concluded their season. Here’s an idea of what Captain Cassie Herrera’s season was like.

  1. The Westword: What is your position on the team?

Cassie Herrera: My primary position is a defender but I move to center if they need me.    

  1. W.S: Do you have any game day rituals?

C.H: Yeah, actually. We get in a huddle and say what we have to say and then spit.

  1. W.S: Do you find it difficult to be a captain?

C.H: It has its challenges but there is a reason why a person is made a captain.   

  1. W.S: Who or what persuade you to play soccer?

C.H: My coach when I was a kid, Keith Segovia.

  1. W.S: What other activities do you participate in other than soccer?

C.H: Track & Field.

  1. W.S: If you weren’t playing soccer what would you be doing?

C.H: I don’t know, lacrosse?

  1. W.S: What were your goals in the beginning of the season?

C.H: To win our division and get far into FCIAC and states.

  1. W.S: What was your favorite memory of the season?

C.H: Scoring a goal on St. Joesph with a header.

  1. W.S: Would you have done anything different this season?

C.H: Probably encourage my team more and be a little more supportive.

  1. W.S: Do you plan on playing soccer in college? If so, which college?

C.H: Yes but I’m unsure of which college yet.

  1. W.S: Do you have any advice for the following varsity team?

C.H: “Stay Pretty” we always say. Though for every team we didn’t beat this year, go kick their butt.

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